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We are now offering free delivery of the following products for customers in Clear Lake, Seabrook, Kemah, Nassau Bay, Webster and League City

Regal 68%Cal-hypo shock – 50# bucket
Regal 68%Cal-hypo shock – 25# bucket
Regal 73%Cal-hypo shock – 24-1# bags
Regal Trichlor90 shock for colored plaster and vinyl liners – 50#
Case (4 gallons) Muriatic acid
$19/ Case
Regal Algeacide 50% - good for pools without waterfalls, bubblers, etc-
$17/ Quart
Regal Algaecide 60% - good for all pools
$29/ Quart
Regal Algaezone Plus copper based – good for green and black algae
$19/ Quart
Regal Stabilizer 25# – for salt pools
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Polaris Promotional

Get these great Polaris cleaners at the same or better price as the pool store.   

Plus - we offer free delivery and free professional installation!

 Polaris Quattro Sport

$899.99 (after $200 mail-in rebate)  

 Polaris TR28P - Trade version of Polaris 280




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